General photography questions 
Where in the Sunshine Coast are you based ?

The Photography Studio is located in Moffat Beach. The studio is easy enough to find, directions can be found on the Contact page.

What to wear to a family shoot?

The question that everyone freaks out about. There is one Pinterest board after another out there to help inspire you, but just remember to try to wear complimentary colours to each other.  You need to feel comfortable.  Avoid large distracting logos on the front of shirts or overly florescent bright colours (and if you need more help please just give me a call). 


What if my kids cry?

Try and get the kids a ready as possible, what I mean is best case scenario have them dressed comfortably and make sure they are fed and rested.  If little ones need a nap at a certain time of day please make sure you mention this when booking.  There is no point shooting in great afternoon light if this is there normal nap time.

The biggest thing is to relax and let the kids be themselves.  It’s natural to want your kids to “behave” and smile for the camera, but try not to worry to much about that, if they play up its ok,  let me chase the kids around and get real and candid photos of them.

I’ll guide you through the session and let you know where to stand and look.  We will be a bit silly and we’ll make the kids laugh.  If you don’t know what to do, just ask.  I am very friendly and super easy going.

I’m yet to have a session that we didn’t get any good images from, but if that does happen, I'm a mum myself…I understand, we can work something out, please don’t stress. 


What do I to bring?

As little as possible.  If you don’t need that handbag, leave it in the car.  We will likely move around a bit at your chosen location so if it’s not essential (or a prop that you would like to incorporate) then you don’t need to be lugging it all over the place. If you want to change clothes (really good for headshots) please do, but I don’t really recommend this for family photos, as kids can get fed up FAST.


Do I need hair and makeup done? 

If you like. It’s not essential but its also not everyday you get your photos taken so make the most of it.Try to avoid very heavy make up(especially if your not used to wearing it) you still want to look like yourself and it can easily look very over done in the images  


What happens after the shoot?

Your images will normally be ready within a week following your session, yes that quick (on a mutually agreeable time and day in the studio). You will also get a little sneak peak of one or two of your images via my Facebook or Instagram page pretty soon after the shoot, so please go ahead and like the page               (you're also very welcome to tag yourself in the image to share with your friends and family). Fine art prints, albums and other printed material/options can also be ordered at this time, and your digital images will be ready to take home that day on the USB provided. 


What if I love all of the images and can't pick 5?

Thats fine, there is no pressure sales here or hidden surprises. If you'd like take more images home you'll find the prices below in the price list. 

Birthday party, business or birth. 

If you have something specific you want photographing that you haven seen on this site please just pick up the phone and I’m sure we can come up with a plan that fits your needs.

Wedding Questions
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Can you meet us outside office hours ?

Yes of course, weekends can be very limited for me due to sessions being booked, I can accommodate day times but mostly clients prefer to meet during the evening which is fine. Give me a call or email to arrange a no obligation meeting to chat about the details of your day.

Do you have Wedding Packages ? 

I don’t think packages offer clients enough flexibility really, I find it better to quote each client individually based on the date and venue of your wedding, along with what you actually want in respect of coverage and products. Initial investment normally start at $2000. 

Why is Wedding Photography more expensive ?

I won’t bore with you the profit and loss details, but basically Wedding Photography prices are high for a few reasons. First off is the time scale, Wedding Photography is 10% taking the images and 90% of the time editing and getting your images ready (normally a full week of editing for an average wedding). Also thats not including the time spent making phone calls, meeting to discus details and venus visit.  Second is its very expensive to operate as a Professional photographer. Cameras, Lenses, lighting, memory cards, computers, software, insurance, advertising, office space, years of training and study and lets not forget the good old Tax man. In reality I probably don’t actually earn any more than other skilled tradesman like a carpenters or electricians, its all very relative. I strive to keep my costs down as much as possible in order to keep competitive whilst still operating a full time professional photography practice. 

Do we get a USB ?

Yes you'll get the digital copies as standard for you to print and share as you wish. My advice though is to look at getting an album printed too, because technology by its very nature will become obsolete ( will USB be relevant in 30 years time ?).

How many Wedding Photos do we get ?

There are many factors that come into play, the weather, logistics, timings can all contribute to more or less images delivered. Typically from a full day I would be looking to deliver between 300-500 unique photographs. Sometimes this is way more but there’s really no way to tell.

Is all travel included ?

Getting to and from weddings in the Sunshine Coast area is easy enough so travel is included in all quotations within a 100 km round trip. If your wedding is further a field then I will need to consider additional travel and accommodation.

What are your payment terms ?

To secure a booking I will need to take a non-refundable payment against your account, the balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding.

Can you Airbrush me ?

Although all my images are colour corrected and creatively enhanced I think its important to deliver real images, real faces doing real things. If you wake up with a blemish where there shouldn’t be one then panic not as this can be removed. 


How long after the wedding before we get pictures ?

I normally aim for 2-3 weeks delivery but this can vary during busy periods or if I’m out of the country. I sometimes share a few teasers on social media to keep your excitement alive. I promise that I’m not one of these photographers that takes months and months to deliver. Weeks not months for sure.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.



Family shoots all are up to 1 and a half hours long session.

  • Images will be ready to view within around a week.

  • Sessions can be held in the studio or on location. 

  • Up to 5 people included in price (for larger groups please contact for details). 

  • All edited images (20-25) are yours, no hidden extra "packages" to be scared of. Makes for a great gift.




Couples sessions can be booked for engagement, anniversary or 

  • Images will be ready to view within around a week. 

  • Sessions can be held on location or in the studio. 

  • All edited images (15-20) are yours, no hidden extra "packages" to be scared of. Makes for a great gift for that special someone. 



Maternity session are up to a hour and a half long, other children are welcome.

  • Session consultation via phone or email 

  • Your photography session

  • Includes family and sibling (if applicable) shots

  • My editing time

  • Best booked between 34-36 weeks gestation 

  • Dresses and accessory use included.

  • All edited images (15-20) are yours, no hidden extra "packages" to be scared of. Makes for a great gift for that special someone.​

Add a 20 minute milk bath session to the end of Maternity or Baby portraits .