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Im so proud to be collaborating with the incredibly creative Tania over at Mermaid Empire.  Tania designs and makes her gorgeous range of mermaid tails and merchandise in honour of here mother and grandmother. They were both incredibly strong women who were very involved in there local community and womens rights (as well as both being avid ocean swimmers) she wanted to keep the "mermaids" alive in her family. She had a dream for mermaid empire that involved empowering women, she sees mermaids as a sorority for women to lift each other up,  this spoke to me completely and when i was asked to come on board my only respond was YES!! 

We sees mermaids as a platform to empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes, to make them feel beautiful as well as in most cases make childhood dreams come true. It also give us a great opportunity to showcase the beautiful beaches of the sunshine coast and bring awareness to our oceans health. This is why every month Mermaid empire supports a local charity, wether it be beach clean ups or womens shelters you will no that with becoming a "Moffat Mermaid" your also helping the greater good.   

We promise the experience of becoming a mermaid will be something very special indeed, its a big confidence builder as well as being a really magical memory that you will cherish forever. If you'd like to book a session or would want to find out more information please he'd over to

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